Tips for your first day

As we know, starting a new job can be daunting and stressful, especially if you have been in long-term employment elsewhere, or if you are just starting out on the employment ladder.

More often than not, it isn’t the job that worries you the most, it’s more about the environment and culture, and if you are going to fit into the role.

With our years of knowledge and experience, we have created a few handy hints and tips on how to overcome the first day nerves!

Be Prepared

First impressions count, just like they did in your interview. So, make sure you arrive on time and have everything that you need, by organising everything the night before and be confident.
Let your new employer know they have hired the right person!

Take the Necessary Documentation

You may have been requested to bring certain documentation with you like ID or bank details etc. so make sure you take along the right documentation on your first day. You want to show that you’ve read the paperwork and acted accordingly.

Be Polite and Friendly

With this being your first day, you will no doubt be asked plenty of questions by your new work colleagues, so be prepared to engage with people by being polite and friendly. Don’t be afraid and let your new work colleagues know about your previous work experience and create the right impression, without being big headed!

Keep an Open Mind

Things are bound to be different from your last workplace, and the culture maybe different, however, keep an open mind. Cultures within businesses vary a lot, so the best thing you can do is judge everyone on their own merits and not go in with any preconceptions.

Be Yourself
We all want to impress on that first day, but don’t try too hard. You have been chosen because of your ability, so just be yourself and people will naturally warm to your honest and open approach.

Ask Questions and Take Notes

Don’t be afraid to ask questions on your first day – you can never ask too many questions. Always have a pen and note pad with you to take notes, as this is a signal to your employer or colleague that you appreciate their time and are interested in what they have said.


It’s easy to say ‘relax on your first day’, but it’s much harder to do! However, make sure you have a relaxing couple of hours planned after your first day so you can absorb the information and recharge your batteries.